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Singer-songwriter Shelley Segal at Bournemouth Sunday Assembly on 26th October 2014

clip_image002Sunday 26th October 11.00am 
Rooper Hall, 5 Victoria Park Road, Bournemouth BH9 2RB

Bournemouth Sunday Assembly are delighted to announce that Australian singer-songwriter Shelly Segal will be performing for them at their service on Sunday 26th October.

Shelley accompanies her “mercurial voice” on acoustic guitar and her songs contain an eclectic mix of “brilliant pop melodies”, intimate story-telling and biographical lyrics. She has been performing original music internationally for the last twelve years, and recorded her first EP in 2009. In 2012 she released her forthright, ‘An Atheist Album’, a folk-pop protest record that embodies her thoughts on religion and highlighted her versatility as a singer and song writer. The album rapidly gained her a following among the international atheist movement.

The theme for this month’s Sunday Assembly is "Helping each other grow", and as always they will have a guest speaker, and a selection of awesome songs to sing along with. They will also be collecting food for a local food bank, so if you are able to spare any dried or tinned food, it will be much appreciated.

Sunday Assembly’s motto is “Live Better - Help Often - Wonder More”. Their aim is to have “all the best bits of church without the religion”, but they qualify this to include everyone, whatever their beliefs may be, by stating “we don’t do religion, but we don’t mind if you”.

We understand that the local groups’ first Sunday Assembly on 28th September was both well attended and well received, and we wish them every success in the future.

Create Your Own Cult: The Scientology Way

Create Your Own Cult - The Scientology Way 8th November 2014Saturday 8th November 2.00pm 
Moordown Community Centre, Coronation Avenue, Moordown Bournemouth BH9 1TW

A presentation by Dr Martin Poulter

Scientology has been described in the United States as “ruthless, litigious and lucrative” and in this country as “corrupt, sinister and dangerous”, yet it has gained the approval of many A-list Hollywood celebrities, and accumulated enormous quantities of money. Thanks to the internet, it now faces unprecedented global opposition, but how did it all begin?

Skeptic Martin Poulter has been keeping a close watch on L. Ron Hubbard’s secretive cult since 1995 when he was threatened with legal action over Scientology material he had posted online, and in this presentation he’ll be revealing how it all began, its subsequent development, its recruitment methods, and many of its most disturbing secrets.

Martin will also be providing us with a checklist of useful points to keep in mind if you ever decide to create your own successful and highly lucrative cult!

Join us for an entertaining examination of what may be Sci-Fi author L. Ron Hubbard’s weirdest creation - the cult of Scientology.

Free entry (donations appreciated).     Everyone welcome!

Martin Poulter has a Philosophy and Psychology degree from Oxford University and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Bristol. He is a key figure in Bristol Skeptics and his current main interest is in promoting critical and scientific thinking. He also gives talks on cognitive and social psychology.

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October Bulletin

DWOur big news in this month's Bulletin is that Professor A C Grayling will be hosting our 2015 Darwin Day celebration. Professor Grayling has written numerous books related to Humanism and is a distinguished supporter of the British Humanist Association. Make a note of the date (12th February) in your diaries and we will release further details in due course.

Another date for your diaries is Sunday November 9th when Dorset Humanists will again be taking an active part in the Bournemouth Remembrance Service. Do please come and support our presence there. More details next month. 

Also in this month's Bulletin we bring you news of Bournemouth Sunday Assembly, a report on the British Humanist Association's AGM, and how Dorset Humanists are helping get Humanism into the school syllabus - not just locally but across the UK!

We hope to see you soon.

David Warden
Chair, Dorset Humanists

Capitalism and Inequality

Capitalism & Inequality posterWednesday 22nd October 7.30pm The Green House Hotel,  4 Grove Road, Bournemouth BH1 3AX

With economist Douglas Lock

In this talk, Douglas Lock will be presenting key ideas from economist Thomas Piketty’s surprise bestseller, ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’.

Piketty’s central claim is that inequality in the world’s most advanced capitalist countries is increasing and has been for at least 30 years. He also demolishes the persistent myth that we’re living in a meritocracy in which great wealth is earned and deserved, and he claims growing inequality makes democracy unsustainable.

Hailed by many progressives as an economic messiah, Piketty's ambitious goal is to change the way wealth is distributed. Among his controversial proposals are an 80 percent tax rate on the very highest earners, not to raise money for education or welfare, as he does not expect such a tax to bring in much revenue, but simply 'to put an end to such extreme incomes'.

Come along to hear Douglas explain the economic ideas that have taken the world by storm, and made Piketty an international celebrity.

Free entry (donations appreciated).     Everyone welcome!

For more information on Piketty and his ideas, watch Thomas Piketty on TED (20 minutes)

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(The Green House Hotel can also be accessed by car and on foot via its rear entrance in Gervis Road. The hotel has a small onsite car park, and roadside parking is also available in Gervis Road).

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